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Don't draw attention to yourself Blend in and stay quiet. It is how Mateo has been raised. Being chill and a loner at Hancock High has become his identity. But he is tired of it He knows he needs to protect his community, but does that mean he should remain silent when something is clearly wrong? He knows that if he speaks out then people could be hurt. But if he doesn't do something, someone he really cares about may continue to suffer. He hates that he can't help his friend, but he doesn't know how. He doesn't know who to turn to. Who can he trust? He holds onto the one thing that he does best, sing and shred his guitar. Mateo dives into his music, a safe place, a place where he can stand out and not worry. But when his rock band faces their first battle of the bands, Mateo has to face reality. He can no longer stay quiet.

Mateo is Book 5 in the series The Way I See It. Each novel is written from the point of view of a different teen with his/her own take on the challenges they encounter at Hancock High. Differences between the teens is not limited to their diverse racial backgrounds, but dives into clashing mindsets that many teens encounter in society today. Poverty, prejudice, sexual harassment, academic and social struggles, perfectionism, drug use, homelessness and racial tensions are woven throughout the series, providing a platform for discussion and a source of hope.

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ISBN: 9781735264257
ISBN-10: 1735264253
Publisher: My Easy Read Books, LLC
Publication Date: May 18th, 2023
Pages: 206
Language: English